Corey Wittoff 


Corey was introduced to Pilates by a friend, and was instantly hooked. And It’s been a 14 year love affair ever since. Her Pilates journey, and learning how to teach this exercise art-the original method, the method which Joe Pilates himself created, took her from her home in Esperance, WA to Perth then onto Sydney to learn and work under one of the world’s best Pilates Instructors and Trainers, Cynthia Lochard. It took Corey 18 months, full time, to complete her training and is a certified Romana’s Pilates Instructor, recognised worldwide. But she never stops learning in this craft. Corey is humble and continues to strive in her practices to be a better teacher everyday.

Corey is extremely passionate about Pilates and wants to educate people about its incredible body changing benefits, but also helping one understand their own body in the process. Pilates is for every type of physical body, it is for both men and women, young and old and those injured, everyone is welcome.


Rise! Dance

Suebee studied Jazz, Ballet and Tap dance from the age of 7, completing her teaching certificate at the age of 20. Choosing to pursue a career in advertising, dance became a hobby in her early 20s, until a life changing adventure to Byron Bay was the catalyst for her to quit her career and follow her heart which has always led her back to dance.

She danced professionally as a commercial dancer, with numerous TV & stage performances and corporate events. Suebee developed a dance program for primary school children, which was accredited by the government and taught to thousands of children across NSW.

Since moving to Byron 7 years ago and becoming a Mama to her beautiful boy Zeke, Suebee now loves sharing dance medicine with the community, facilitating sister circles and dance workshops. She recently performed a choreographed piece by Travers Ross at the 2017 Byron Spirit Festival, and alongside Deya Dova for her Album release. Suebee has a gentle and playful nature, and is passionate about people finding their own unique rhythm and freedom in their dance. For Suebee, dance is more than movement, it is medicine, it is connection to the divine, and a way to express the language of the soul.

“When I dance I set my wings free. I dance to heal, to pray, and to express myself in the most deeply intimate way. When I dance I feel my spirit soar and I am one with all Creation” – Suebee Fae.

Erin Docherty

Yin Yoga

Erin is a facilitator of grounding, insightful and peaceful experiences. She incorporates a certain lightness and fun in all that she does. Taking the time to get to know students is deeply important to Erin, as she genuinely cares about students desires and unique journey’s.

“I thoroughly enjoy supporting students in developing their inner knowing/wisdom and guiding them through an inspiring practice”.

Her intention is to build a supportive relationship and to teach tools that empower you and allow you to courageously communicate your unique message; combining every aspect of your being.

Her personal use with Aura-Soma®, Yoga and Meditation has allowed her to find space in the moment to respond, rather than to react. Her extensive tool kit has increased her resiliance to discomfort in challenging circumstances and has developed her sense of awareness to life and those around her. Self-enquiry practice helps her move through challenges with more grace and to live every day with deep trust herself.


Elemental Vinyasa

RIA, a seasoned festival yoga teacher with her Movement & Music project YogaRhythms and trained by Power Living Australia and more recently Shiva Rea’s Chakra Prana Vinyasa and Evolution of Vinyasa, RIA’s unique gift is to bring the essence of rhythm into everything she does.

As a self confessed bio-hacker, RIA’s interest in anatomy, bio-mechanics, physiology and general heath and wellbeing has allowed her to bring a real grounded sense of intuitive insight into her teaching for a safe and practical approach to Modern Yoga.



Shakti is a Yoga, Meditation & Kundalini Tantra Teacher, Consciousness Events Facilitator & Self-Empowerment Coach. Shakti has trained across India in Vinyasa, Yin, Ashtanga, Hatha & The Sattva Yoga Practice (Himilayan Kundalini & Tantric Kriya). Shakti teaches across India, South East Asia and Australia, sharing journeys that guide you deeply into union with yourself, others and spirit.

My intention is to empower you to awaken your infinite potential, step into your power, live from love and experience bliss.

Radha Dyal Kaur


Radha is a lover of life, dedicated to deepening her knowledge of the spiritual development for over 15 years. As a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, her mission is to contribute to the humanity’s ascension, advocating the healing of mind, body, and spirit with the technology of self-awareness, Kundalini Yoga. This practice combines the full spectrum of yogic tools: mantra (sacred sound), asana (posture), mudra (hand position), bandha (body lock), meditation (mindful focus), and pranayama (breathing technique). She has experienced an incredible life transformation with this ancient practice and loves to share the bliss with others.

Radha is a Reiki Master, Shamanic Rapéh Therapist, and Sound Massage Therapist. She also uses high vibrational therapeutic instruments such as gong and singing bowls at her classes.

Dr. Keith Motes

E-Motion Yoga & Qi Gong

Dr. Keith R. Motes is a quantum physicist and Yoga teacher learning about energy from both the intellectual and the experiential. Keith loves actively teaching and practicing various forms of Yogic Arts from AcroYoga, Asana, Neidan, Pranayama, Meditation, Shaking Medicine and more. He has done his Yoga teacher training with Power Living Australia Yoga, studied and practiced the work on Tantra and Kriya by swami Satyananda Saraswati and teaches Neidan, which is essentially Chinese Yoga and includes the three-dimensional rotational and articulation practice of QiGong.

Keith is an avid AcroYogi, having found AcroLove.Yoga, and is the base in the PlayfulSpirits video. Keith has shared and taught hundreds of people this beautiful art of connection and trust.

Keith’s passion is E-motion Yoga having poured his heart and soul into bringing this into the world and sharing this ancient lost art of instinctive healing and feeling.

Keith has also invented breakthrough quantum computing technologies and is a senior facilitator and teacher trainer of E-motion Yoga™, producer of their website and online video classes, and is continually evolving and growing this art of emotional intelligence.

” I am extremely grateful to be expanding and evolving something revolutionary that will LIFT the SPIRIT of EVERYONE on EARTH” – Keith Motes


Rainbow Yoga

Gopala believes that happiness is the compass to guide us in the right direction in life, and that we can make this world a better place if we just stop being so serious and start bringing more play and connections to our life.

Gopala has been practicing yoga and meditation since he was 14 years old. He was a Hindu monk for 10 years with Sivananda Ashrams and has been teaching yoga since 1995.

Gopala created a revolution with Rainbow Yoga, making the practice social and interactive. Gopala, with his beautiful family are on a mission to spread concepts bigger than yoga and bigger than themselves. Love, community and connection are at the heart of Gopala’s intentions to change the world one person at a time

Lauren Cuthbert

Fit Flow Fly, Rainbow Vinyasa & Unwind

Lauren Cuthbert infuses everything she does with an easeful joyous energy and a whole hearted devotion to inner and outer connection. 

Lauren brings to her teaching a depth that traverses from strength to deep vulnerability, sincerity to playfulness and alignment to freedom. Lauren’s yoga journey began in her later adolescence as a way of healing in her life. She chose to use meditation as her medication for anxiety, and found yoga a tool to find a safe home in her body. 
Through this emotional, and very inspiring journey, she shares from her heart with authenticity and experience. 

It didn’t take long her to develop a deep longing to share the practice of yoga with as many people as she could. The magic of yoga/meditation completely transformed her life. Lauren completed her 200hr ytt at Krishna village in 2016, and then went on to teach yoga up in the Himalayas in India for 3 months following her training. 

Lauren then found herself running yoga retreats and classes in Byron Bay and Melbourne on her return to Australia throughout 2017. 

In 2018, Lauren moved up to the Sunshine Coast where she has taught at a few various different studios, dynamically teaching various different styles of yoga and teaching workshops. Whilst Lauren was in the Sunshine Coast, she connected with the wise, beautiful, embodied, Nicole Cargakis.  Through a shared love of studying conscious relationships, deep intimacy and masculine/feminine energies, Nicole and Lauren decided to merge forces and create the “Art Of Connection”, to inspire communities, friendships, relationships to flourish into full bloom with honest, loving, supportive connection. 
This is taught through yoga/movement, conscious discussion, and embodiment practices. An offering that has been shared at studios throughout the Sunshine Coast, “The Returning” womens gathering in the Northern Rivers and now, very soon, The Rainbow Centre!! 

In 2018, Lauren completed her 300hr advanced yoga teacher training in Thailand with The FitFlowFly yoga school, with Bryce Yoga and Yoga Beyond. A style that merges modern vinyasa flow with elements of acro yoga, partner inversions, connection and lots of fun! 


Yin Yoga

Joeke (pronounced as ‘Yuka’) Hoeboer became keenly involved in yoga and meditation during her Bachelor studies in Sports and Lifestyle, starting regular yoga classes in 2015 when she was in New-Zealand for her internship. Joeke was amazed how much tension from the mental, physical and emotional body could be released within just a few classes. She felt deeply touched by the warm and loving approach from the teachers at the studio and felt safe and held. From focused strong fitness and dance workouts to yoga and meditation she learned how to actually move from the body instead of the mind, tuning in to the body to give it enough rest replenishment.

Back in ‘The Netherlands’ her home country, Joeke undertook a Teacher Training course to connect even more with her inner being and to really slow down the flow. From there she began teaching Yoga, Zumba and BodyBalance. After she finished her studies she traveled to India for her second Teacher Training. This course encompassed the deep layered subtle bodies with a blend of yin and hatha yoga. It was here Joeke went through a deep personal journey through movement, breath, stillness and sound.

Joeke is established in Mullumbimby and is super excited to share her wisdom, passion and knowledge with the community. Her biggest passion is to connect people with their deep roots within, using the tools of yoga, movement and sound. She loves to hold space for people to fully move in their own ways and to just be themselves.

Sarah Blangiardo

Kids Yoga, Family Yoga & Restorative Yoga

Sarah’s classes for kids are based around having fun, laughing and connecting with another. She brings her magic bag of tricks to each class and we do yoga in a really fun way! She combines fast movement with slow movement., using dance, games and breathing meditation techniques. 

Sarah teaches people of all ages how to connect through movement, meditation and creativity. She believes that these 3 actions can support the growth and evolution of humanity. Words she lives by – Connection add’s value to life.

Stephanie Wallace 

Yin Yoga with vibrational sounds

My name is Stephanie and I will be guiding you through this practice. I have been teaching hatha, restorative/yin and meditation classes for the last seven years. Also as a trauma informed therapist, I have come to realise a deep understanding of the mind-body link, and the wonderful benefits of yoga to heal trauma by repairing our nervous system. I see that yoga and sound together can help people surrender into a deep space of healing, and find a felt sense of relaxation and safety in the body. This creates a true felt sense of the EMBODIMENT of stillness and presence.
Stephanie Wallace | B. Education | GD. Counselling | Cert IV Yoga Teaching 

Gabrielle Goldklang

Sisterhood Evenings for Teens

Gabrielle Goldklang is a qualified youth mentor, life coach, yoga teacher and a gentle, loving guide. With a background in holistic women’s health, psychology, dance, youth work and facilitating women’s circles, she is passionate about working with young women in a safe, supportive, positive, uplifting, and creative environment.

Gabrielle has been working with teens since she was a teen herself and currently offers weekly sisterhood evenings and one-day workshops for teens, one-on-one coaching sessions and Mother Daughter Rite of Passage Retreats. 

As a warm and caring mentor and facilitator, Gabrielle is committed to supporting young women to learning more about themselves and gain empowering and practical skills and strategies to help them navigate the journey of adolescence, while loving themselves as they are and having unshakable confidence!

“I know how incredible and valuable each young woman is! I know that she is a powerful and beautiful person, inside and out. I know that she is a unique individual with special gifts, and that the world is a better place with her being a part of it. I know that each young woman truly matters.” -Gabrielle Goldklang, founder of Girl Wisdom