Being Spacious 

May we embody the vitality and harmony that arises when we bring spaciousness into our life. This workshop is an encouragement to step away from the stress and noise we put on our bodies and mind by being in a continual state of doing. This is an invitation to reinvent our day, to offer more space and allow our wings to expand out into new frontiers.
What we will cover:
Movement-based therapy around the Shoulder girdle
Partner yoga to invite a newfound buoyancy
Traditional – energetic and structural based bodywork
Self-inquiry to notice patterns that we need to dissolve
Zenthai shiatsu was created by Gwyn Williams over 15 years ago, as a fusion of Zen shiatsu, Thai massage and osteopathic technique. The sacredness of touch continues to be his inspiration and the evolution never ceases. Openness, inclusiveness and non-resistance is at the core. The doorway is always welcome towards movement forms that bring us away from division and back home to unity and ultimately true freedom. Gwyn Williams work can be explored through his books: ‘The Zen of touch’ and ‘Connection to Source’
Visit or the Zenthai healing centres in Australia (Sunny Coast, QLD) or Indonesia (Shanti Agung Retreat Centre, Bali).

Create an Italian Vegan Feast

1 Day Cooking Workshop

Limited Space: 10 people

A hands-on exciting cooking experience in the Byron Shire, learn to prepare a nutritious, fun-filled, easy & delicious Italian Vegan Feast!

Who wants to learn how to make an Italian Vegan Feast?

We will be exploring some exciting raw and cooked dishes and veganizing the comforting classics like bolognese, yummy polenta and mushroom bites, creamy alfredo pasta, parmesan cheese, arancini and tiramisu.

I’ll be sharing with you all of my tips on raising and cooking for my community and for my vegan family over the last seven years.

You will also get the opportunity to get up close to our rescue animals and 50% of your fees with go straight back into supporting our sanctuary.

We will cook throughout the day, preparing a feast for us to enjoy in the afternoon, please bring containers to take home the leftovers to share with your loved ones.

Whether you are already vegan, vegan-curious or wanting to learn how to prepare nutritious and delicious food for your family and friends, you are all warmly welcomed to The Rainbow Kitchen.


Hawaiian Shamanic Healing Practices & Lomilomi Hāloa Foundations Course  with ‘Iolani Grace

* Learn Hawaiian Shamanic Practices for self care and transformation

* Learn Lomilomi Hāloa foundations

* Feel the power of dance, breath and bodywork united

* Learn a powerful mana building Hawaiian Protocol Chant

* Listen deeper, feel and respond in Hands on Healing

* Deepen in Self Healing skills

* Discover the power of ancient Hawaiian principles for living harmoniously with aloha

Testimonies from shorter versions of this workshop:

“Working with ‘Iolani Grace has been life changing for me and the journey has only begun!”

~ Journey Jill

“Summoning the raw power within, remembering my essence, in movement. I fly.”

~Jappa, Juliette Vaudron

“Very opening, healing and releasing.”

~Justin Morrison

“Powerful and aligning.”


Take it all the way if you love this!

Full Shamanic Bodywork & Lomilomi Haloa Training invite links:

About our Facilitator

‘lolani Grace, the Heart Alchemist, celebrates the human heart, body, mind and spirit personally and professionally as an International Healer, Re-birther, Teacher, Dancer, and Inspired Group Facilitator. Rites of Passage are her souls gift to life creating powerful experiences to transform and love ourselves free within.

Read more about lolani at the link above

Manoa Album Launch Tour – Last Show!

Come, listen and be transformed by a deep love for the environment and sharing the story of a culture empowering the earth and its people!

Manoa Album Launch Tour Announced! Three years in the making, inspired by his deep love for the natural environment and sharing the story of an emergent regenerative culture empowering the earth and its people, Byron based activist, eco-educator and roots musician Manoa is launching his EP at The Rainbow Centre on June 22nd.

Manoa is taking the new EP on the road on an Australian national tour before heading overseas to tour the album in Europe. Audiences will be treated to Manoa’s uplifting reggae grooves and laid-back folk melodies combining soulful vocals and conscious lyrics while supporting a great cause with 10% of EP sales from the tour being donated to ocean warriors, Positive Change for Marine Life. The official video release for album title track, “Change is in the Air,” featuring Bobby Alu on drums, also debuted April 3.

As an Ambassador for Stradbroke’s Pacific Island Earth School, motivated by his lifelong desire to be of service to people and nature, Manoa’s music has been enormously inspired by his participation at the Bentley Blockade and other eco-activism sites around the globe, with each track on the EP speaking to his deep reverence for the earth, yearning for personal and cultural transformation, as well as the desire to bring more joy, fun and presence to life. His first single from the album, “The Water Song,” received worldwide acclaim in 2016 about the importance of clean water, and each of the tracks released since speak to reclaiming sustainability and co-creating a new collective narrative connected to country, community and protecting wild places.

Family friendly! Kids under 12 are free, but supervised please.

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