Transformational events featuring leaders from our community and beyond. Focusing on uniting people and inspiring social evolution starting from the Byron Shire to the entire planet. 

If you feel called to host your event at the Rainbow Centre, please contact us. 

A sensual exploration on this special day, enhancing and teasing while moving and breathing together.

Journeying through yoga, massage and Tantra, we will touch and be touched, and stretch!

Opening the heart, calming the mind, come to connect in body mind and spirit through all of your five senses!

We will take each of the five senses, open and enhance them: We will mindfully taste high-quality vegan chocolate, smell and touch each other, open our voices and learn to communicate with sound, soften our eyes to see the beauty all around us.

You will find most of the partner yoga poses and all other practices we’ll explore here very useful to take your love life to the next level…

A healing experience interwoven with nurturing love that will connect and glue you closer together more than ever before.

~ We look forward to sharing with you and connecting through


All participants are fully clothed.

This experience will have the intimacy of your relationship reach a whole new level of LOVE!

Dance with Loving Heart Energy, sharing presence with one other, through movement and connection.
We were born in love so let us remember that natural state of being. Biodanza drops us into the present moment, awakening our joy of life, making us feel more vibrant and alive.
Enjoy world music, dance and guided movement. There are no steps to learn and you can’t get it wrong. The class starts with dances of rhythm and expressive vitality, to uplift and revitalize. As the session progresses, the dances become less energetic and more inwardly expressive, and you are taken into a quieter, more internal space of harmony and relaxation.
Every age is welcome


Deva Kirin is a qualified facilitator of Biodanza, Deva creates a safe, welcoming space at her Biodanza classes so that people of all ages can express themselves through movement, playfulness, connection with their self and others. Her vast experience as a facilitator, helps her to bring the Biodanza principles to life with lightness, humour, and wisdom. She has been happily and enthusiastically bringing this modality of Dance and personal growth to families, seniors in Aged Care homes, dementia wards, young children, groups of adults and spiritual festivals for the last seven years. My Purpose – My desire to transform the world for the well-being of all has found fertile soil in Biodanza. It is my wish to create a safe space where all humanity can experience affection, connection, love and joy in their lives. A place to create emotional bonds with our self, with each other and with our environment. Expressing our joyful presence and sharing our love with each other will change the world.
Be ready to break the yoga rules, interact, sweat, be fast and vigilant, and defy gravity.
Yes, defy gravity. How? Come see for yourself.
New rules, new skills, new friends…
This workshop will be held at the mysterious and magical – Rainbow Centre!
Tickets – $35.00 // 10% discount for Rainbow Tribe members.

Nude Yoga 

Let go your inhibitions, fears, ego – and your clothes in a safe non judgemental Body-Positive mindset space with other women.Exercise and stretch with an element of fun liberation and adventure. Nudity is natural, not only about ‘sexy’ poses but being in peace with yourself means accepting your body. Also being naked removes many social and economic barriers, and brings you to facing any vulnerabilities about self image. A new way to accept love and celebrate your body! Your boobs wont get in the way!
Classes start with pranayama and close eyed meditation, move into appropriate asanas and end with a shavasana. Bring your own mat or towel. (Clothing-optional)


Ajna is passionate about embodied awakening and opening hearts. Originally from New York, she is a qualified Rebirther, accredited Yoga teacher, certified Massage therapist, Watsu pracititoner (water massage), Reiki master and Theta healer. She has traveled deeply within and around the world learning and teaching ancient and new age forms of healing. She has integrated the fruitful experiences she has been blessed and has been facilitating groups through deep soulful connections and openings for more than 6 years and thrives in the healing that takes place on the sacred journey of the heart. She loves to hold a nurturing space in the “process” of each individual, with permission for all of the person and the personality to be wholly accepted and integrated. She has been living in Mullum for 2 years, is the mother of a 1 year old daughter, and sees the innocense and beauty in the nature of being nude. Back to basics, she holds a weekly Rebirthing breathwork class at SatNamInstitute which has been deeply loved and this offering is coming from the wild innocent place of her heart.

Here is an immersion into personal power and sovereignty, the relationship between voice, mental state and harmony.

We will be flipping the stones of reality in mind gardening discussions, sipping on succulent Satsangs and offering sacred space for intuitive and tribal music exploration.

We will take seat in circle to play and make music, remind ourselves of the first in 7 principles of Hermetics: “mentalism” and being response-able with the “world” we create and live in.

All levels in music are welcome, this is not a music class but an exploration of group sounding meditation and mind gardening.

It is all the same for us to play and co-create with. The circle will be limited to 18 participants.

We will flow in and out of collaborative improvised music making to have discussions and reflections.

We’ll make time and space for multiple rounds, play with polyphonic rhythms and sing an Ipababé song of the Banakuma wisdom to consecrate the return of community.

We’ll sing within sacred space and pave way for wisdom to bloom.

Being architects of sound temples we’ll open for blessing everyone’s sovereignty.

This circle is the newest form of its kind from the “L.I.V.E. (Liberated Intuitive Voice Expression) in Meditation & Prayer” circles that have been run monthly and weekly the past two years as public events, private groups and numerous retreats & collaborative workshops.

A growing community of now transformed, excited and wonderfully sovereign beings is an ecstatic success of people making peace with their self, with their mind, and with their heart, their relationships and thusly walking with love and confidence.

Beautiful gentle and proud loving humans who feel and communicate their emotions with wonderment and great responsibility.

A circle that promotes making room for authenticity and friendship-based intimacy. Creating spaces for people to meet with their Confidence while making music, Tikal’s focus is in helping people open channels towards intuitive practice of devotion to the Self through series of mystical experiences, musical fun and inquiry of hard questions.

Constantly raising potent questioning and awareness of what the I AM is, and of right relationship whilst emphasizing on the nuances of thought and human emotions, she finds great honor in ushering people’s own power back to themselves and in engaging with the infinite quest towards truth, bringing back peace where there may be conflict, bringing relief where there was grief, celebrating joy with full blown presence, great reverence and pure respect (in circles and her life in general).

To be the change, Tikal digs deep to find the root or the siege of where change can truly take place.

Singing to the spectrum of heart longings and to the tantalizing joys in this sacred Life, we can open aspects of the mystical heart and always be curious about the divine or the definitions of our experiences…

At times of difficult transitions, one can be their own guiding force to face emotions as they come, as they are and take graceful responsibility in choices.

In honoring the choices, the emotions, the feelings or the thoughts, Tikal believes we can experience a deep sense of flowing with effortlessness, floating with direction… on the rivers of relationship with the sacred self. Let’s contemplate to redefine new ways of riding our exquisite waves of personal acceptance, see how allowing we are for our being to meet with its true power in an absolute wonderment.

About Tikal

Taught by celestial ancestors of Persia, Mongolia and Tibet, India, and Java. Self taught Tikal has brought an experiential form of teaching forged in Fire flame and molded in Icy Water after a sequence of initiatory events.

Tikal was raised in Java, an island of mystical spirit music in Indonesia sitting on what is known as the Ring of Fire. She further developed with an inquisitive journey in Bali where Tikal observed and participated in elaborate rituals, Bali is, they say, an island populated by Javanese kings and warrior descendants who kept the intricate rituals alive, honoring their spirits through ceremonies to this day, speaking with ancestors and other-worldly beings daily.

In 2007, Tikal ventured to meet with Sacred Vine spirits in Peru whom exampled the application of the ancient codes of sound through visions, but also through the Medicine men & women’s vocal instrument; the voice, the primary medium of expression – she later found to be the primordial emotive communication “device”. Initiated into the Whale totem, carrier of ancient sounds in 2014 by White Star medicine woman and medium of Cherokee and Pawnee immediate descent, she has honored the profound medicine of the emotions which led her to forge the aforementioned teaching and leadership in the Sovereign Voice circles.

Since 2015, Tikal has paid tremendous attention to the Bana Kuma wisdom alongside her greatest soul kin and drum mentor Djulz Chambers in Melbourne, and alongside a respected teacher from Hawaii Chris Berry – honorable brother, mentor, musician and spirit medium, whom she joined in Zimbabwe this year with a group of musicians to meet with the Shona peoples.

There they bore witness to celebrations of Mermaid clan peace-promoting visitations, and participated in elaborate and lengthy traditional village rituals, with the spirit medium elders in tribal circles and in deeply engaged game-changing rituals led by Chris’ spirit in the inauguration of the Mazvimba Kupa awareness (unification and wisdom of the act of giving) ceremony, furthermore sitting with a mysterious medicine preparation where Tikal conversed with the fierce loving Shiakwasa spirit (symbol and archetype of sovereignty, from the Panther clan).


Yoga Date Night 

This is a special night for couples and parents and friends who want to spend real quality time stretching and massaging each other, breathing together and gently gazing into each others eyes.
This is a magical night to reconnect and bridge over gaps that may have been created through the ongoing stress of family and work. Enjoy a memorable experience that takes you to new heights and recharges your relationship… until the next Yoga Date Night!
Parallel to this class will be a Kids Yoga session and a short Movie Night supervised by our qualified teachers, all to make it as easy and smooth as possible for you to enjoy each other.
Adult $22 each
x1 Child $10
x2 Children $18
3+ Children $26
Gopala believes that happiness is the compass to guide us in the right direction in life and that we can make this world a better place if we just stop being so serious and start bringing more play and connections to our life. Gopala has been practicing yoga and meditation since he was 14 years old. He was a Hindu monk for 10 years with Sivananda Ashrams and has been teaching yoga since 1995. Gopala created a revolution with Rainbow Yoga, making the practice social and interactive. Gopala, with his beautiful family, is on a mission to spread concepts bigger than yoga and bigger than themselves. Love, community, and connection are at the heart of Gopala’s intentions to change the world one person at a time.

Hawaiian Shamanic Healing Practices & Lomilomi Hāloa Foundations Course

with ‘Iolani Grace

* Learn Hawaiian Shamanic Practices for self care and transformation
* Learn Lomilomi Hāloa foundations
* Feel the power of dance, breath and bodywork united
* Learn a powerful mana building Hawaiian Protocol Chant
* Listen deeper, feel and respond in Hands on Healing
* Deepen in Self Healing skills
* Discover the power of ancient Hawaiian principles for living harmoniously with aloha
Testimonies from shorter versions of this workshop:
“Working with ‘Iolani Grace has been life changing for me and the journey has only begun!”
~ Journey Jill
“Summoning the raw power within, remembering my essence, in movement. I fly.”
~Jappa, Juliette Vaudron
“Very opening, healing and releasing.”
~Justin Morrison
“Powerful and aligning.”
Take it all the way if you love this!
Full Shamanic Bodywork & Lomilomi Haloa Training invite links:

About our Facilitator:

‘lolani Grace, the Heart Alchemist, celebrates the human heart, body, mind and spirit personally and professionally as an International Healer, Re-birther, Teacher, Dancer, and Inspired Group Facilitator. Rites of Passage are her souls gift to life creating powerful experiences to transform and love ourselves free within.

‘Iolani Grace has been guided and encouraged from her Hawaiian Kumu and Elders to carry this torch of Lomilomi Hāloa, Hawaiian Shamanic Healing into the world. For 30 years she has Internationally brought this wisdom, way of life and aloha into the world. ‘Iolani Is grateful for the blessing of our local Original Elders to offer this work here.

Iolani Grace creates and leads a variety of private healing, workshops and retreats to support greater love, care, connection and freedom within ourselves, our families and our planet. Bridging ancient ways in our modern days for sustainable loving life as one family is her passion.

‘Iolani is available for Lomilomi Haloa ceremonial sessions in person and LifeShift healing/coaching via the phone.

Moving Screening

The End of Meat

Join us for a by donation movie night at The Rainbow Centre, where we will be screening “The End of Meat” and dive into a Q&A and discussion afterward with our expert panel.
The End of Meat is a groundbreaking documentary film envisioning a future where meat consumption belongs to the past.
Although evidence of meat consumption’s negative impact on the planet and on human health continue stacking up as animal welfare is on the decline, humanity’s love affair with hamburgers, steaks, nuggets and chops just doesn’t end.
In The End of Meat, filmmaker Marc Pierschel embarks on a journey to discover what effect a post-meat world would have on the environment, the animals and ourselves. He meets Esther the Wonder Pig, who became an internet phenomenon; talks to pioneers leading the vegan movement in Germany; visits the first fully vegetarian city in India; witnesses rescued farm animals enjoying their newfound freedom; observes the future food innovators making meat and cheese without the animals, even harvesting “bacon” from the ocean, and much more.
This is a Fundraiser event, where the proceeds will go to Demand Film to spread the film around our world

Conscious Cuddle Puddle 

Touch – physical and non-physical, being seen and seeing, relaxing deeply to music, taking a journey with self and others that will leave you feeling whole and nourished.
This event is a fully clothed, no genital touch, it’s a healing container where we take time for ourselves, to feel, to move in full self-love and integrity. Being held, following the joy or vulnerability of your heart, receiving a massage, sharing heart to heart, the conscious cuddle puddle offers it all, for people who enjoy physical touch and genuine, soft and gentle interactions.
Please bring comfy clothing, water bottle

Summer Solstice

Join Seriya Cutbush and Matty Rainbow, as you are given the opportunity to come back to YOU and tune into the releasing Autumn Equinox energy on offer. The Equinox is a cyclical natural event that has been honoured and celebrated for centuries. It translates as equal night, marking the same amount of night and day, representing the exploration of letting go of what doesn’t serve us as the nights get longer and start to prepare us for the winter perculation. And the opportunity to HONOUR our darkness, our ego, our subconscious.
What seeds did you plant for the Summer Solstice that are not being honoured? This is your time to come back to them and look at what may be pulling you away from your greater visions. And RELEASE!!!! Just like the leaves fall from the trees, this is our time to LET GO. The heart of spiritual practice is internal, and is usually invisible and unnoticed by everyone else. By enacting the spiritual with a physical ritual, we can both recognize and make concrete our spiritual process that is part of our reality.
This three hour journey is an opportunity to tune into yourSELF again, and connect in with the collective energy of Autumn Equinox. To begin this session we will connect in with meditation, mantra, oil anointment, liquid crystals and a medicine drum journey for potent intention setting. You will then be gently guided through a deeply nourishing Yin yoga immersion for restoration, yet also a powerful clearing, awakening and grounding. During the long relaxing yoga poses, Seriya and Matty will adjust your physical and emotional body with massages and reiki, and support you with guided meditation, philosophy and Sound healing as a powerful healing form to support your journey. They will then nurture you with a long Sound Journey as you lie down and receive Crystal and Tibetan Bowls, Native American Flute, Medicine Drum,Toning and Overtoning, Tuning Forks, Chimes, Gongs, Tamboura, Harmonium and many more sacred instruments to support you in going into a deeply relaxed and healing state.
Seriya and Matty bring together a wealth of experience in facilitating journeys and holding space together and thrive off the balancing of the masculine and feminine balance in all aspects of their work and lives. As healers of various alternative modalities, they are passionate about exploring parts of the body to clear, enliven and heal the emotional and mental bodies. Sound paired with Yoga is yet another subtle vibrational tool to be able to explore these parts of ourselves and come back to our truth.
Please Bring a yoga mat, blanket and your lovely selves… Arrive 15 minutes beforehand to get yourself set up and register. If you feel drawn to bring your favourite crystal to charge and cleanse, it can be powerful to have them by your mat for your practice. Please only eat a light meal before the ceremomy.
Please note that this event sold out last time so book your tickets as soon as you have your YES!
Cost: $60 online
What is Sound Healing?
Seriya and Matty have been providing Sound Healings throughout the Byron Shire, Gold Coast and Brisbane areas for 7 years now, as well as at various Yoga festivals and regularly at The Crystal Castle. They have a passion for crystals, and how sound vibration can affect and heal us deeply.
Sound Healing is a powerful subtle-energy therapies that make up the field of vibrational medicine. That sound is called resonance, the frequency at which an object naturally vibrates. Using various tools, including the voice, Sound Therapy can guide participants into entrainment and a deep theta brainwave meditative state. In this space combined with intention, healing can occur.
Sound Therapy is effective in not only achieving a state of relaxation but it also has a way of moving through blockages in the body. Sound Therapy has been known to help treat such conditions as stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, sleep disorders, pain and autism.
The subtle body holds imbalances and traumas that can eventually manifest in our physical bodies, which is why it’s important to look at healing and balance not only from a physical perspective, but as a complete holistic experience that includes mind, body and spirit.
“Nothing can quite explain what it feels like “hearing” and “feeling” vibration and energy like sound healing. Nothing describes the intensity but beauty of the noise and journey you feel throughout Seriyas Sound Healings. It’s a journey, and from the start to end I feel totally mesmerized. Quite some strong emotion can come up and over the next few days I was especially gentle with myself, but I feel like it created a space for a break through. A safe space of Awareness to look within and heal.” Amelia
“I just wanted to give you and Matty Rainbow some feedback from your amazing Yin Spring Awakening Ceremony that I attended on Saturday. It was the best 3 hours I spent on myself and worth the drive down. The program was so well thought out – a smorgasbord of self healing rituals. The space was lovely. I had a knotted pain in my chest and throat area for a few weeks however it was gone by the end of your event. The Yin Yoga poses, reiki along with Matty doing the relaxation exercise before the sound healing really helped to move the blocks. Thankyou so much to both of you xx I look forward to your next solstice event.” Karen Elmer
About your Facilitators
Seriya Cutbush
Seriya is a Byron Bay Yogini whose exposure to her mother’s Yoga and Healing life has left strong and lasting impressions on her very being. Seriya spent a lot of her childhood traveling the world living in various yoga ashrams with India being the place of her family’s spiritual land and the Byron Bay Hinterlands being the Australian family home. As an adult, Seriya’s personal journey has then guided her to practicing and studying Meditation & Healing throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Central and North America. All of these life experiences have expanded her knowledge and understanding while at the same time deepening her intuitive relationship with her Self, her planetary community and the Divine.
Seriya is certified in both Daoist Yin Yoga and traditional Sivananda Hatha Yoga and has also trained in the Hawaiian tradition of Kahuna Bodywork and the path of Shamanism for many years. In addition she is a certified Remedial Massage Therapist, Liquid Crystal Practitioner, Energetic Healer, Soul Retrieval Therapist, Sound Therapist and passionate Kirtan singer (devotional chanting) and instrumentalist.
In all of her life’s work Seriya very consciously holds sacred space for her clients and participants with the centred intent to deeply respect, support, nurture and inspire their own healing and Self-growth.
Seriya was the Experiences Coordinator for 6 years at The Crystal Castle, Mullumbimby. In this role she trained, managed and led numerous facilitators while also developing and facilitating large workshops on Meditation,Yoga, Nature, Crystals and Sound Healing. The regular implementation of the multitude of skills related to creating and facilitating workshops for all walks of life further supported Seriya’s personal and professional development.
Seriya also regularly holds her own women’s healing events in Byron Bay as well as international Yoga/Adventure retreats. Her tertiary background in Theatre, Music and Teaching has given Seriya a solid foundation to be skilled, relaxed and confident in group facilitation. She has led large groups of up to 1500 people at festivals such as Evolve, Starlight, Splendour in the Grass, First Sun NYD Lighthouse and Spirit Fest. Seriya also travels widely, offering her workshops and private Intuitive Healing sessions at yoga studios throughout Australia. She shares everything from a place of authenticity, combining her extensive practical knowledge with healing, humility, spontaneity, compassion and lightheartedness.
To read more about what Seriya offers as the founder of Akshaya Healing visit
Matty Rainbow
Matty Rainbow is a Byron Bay based, certified Kinesiologist, Sound Healer and Meditation facilitator who is always enthusiastically exploring new ways to deepen his knowledge, spiritual guidance and self-awareness. He is also an experienced Reiki Master, is fully certified in Advanced Liquid Crystals and has intensively studied the ancient art of Polynesian Bodywork, Kahuna.
Matty has regularly facilitated large Crystal and Sound Healing workshops at The Crystal Castle, co-facilitated the ‘First Sun’ New Year’s Day event in Byron (1800+ people) and been a guest speaker at The National Kinesiologist Conference 2016.
In addition Matty also immerses himself in Men’s Work, facilitates Men’s Empowerment Circles and has organised and presented numerous monthly Sound Healing events at the full moon rising in Miami.
By combining his multitude of healing skills and wide-ranging practical experience, Matty consistently and confidently commits to deeply supporting his wide range of clients and participants. His mission is to enhance, activate and inspire physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.
Matty is particularly passionate about sound and vibration and works with each of these elements to create a very gentle and relaxing, yet subtly profound and powerful, healing experience for his clients.
On a personal level Matty Rainbow is always exploring his conscious Self as a father, partner, surfer and lover of nature. Living an active, light-hearted and high-energy lifestyle you will often find him either creating something in the backyard or running up a mountain.
To read more about Matty visit

Art Of Connection – Two Wings

ART OF CONNECTION – YANG: Sunday 10th March / and

ART OF CONNECTION – YIN: Friday 12th April

Time: 6.30pm-8.30pm – both days

Two Wings

Our consciousness, our bodies, our lives, the cosmos, can be seen as a rhythm of receiving and giving, expansion and contraction, control and surrender. The rhythm of these opposites can be experienced and actualised as a play or a dance; each polarity valued equally with it’s opposite.

In the tantric tradition it is understood that at times, there is emphasis on one of these two polarities, which is a movement away from its opposite. At other times, a synthesis of opposites is prescribed.

Neither Yin nor Yang can stand alone.  Each is necessary to the existence of the other.  If Yang gives us energy, Yin gives us calm.

Both are necessary, like two wings to a bird.

Lauren and Nicole invite you to connect to both of your wings, and encourage you to fly to your fullest potential of physical, mental and spiritual health.

As we journey through layers of the physical body with yoga and embodied movement, the mind with breath work and meditation, and spirit as we express, listen and be heard by others in our community – we will explore these two energies, in two uniquely wonderful workshops.

YANG  – Sunday 10th March: 6.30pm-8.30pm

In this practice we dive deep as we connect and embody the dynamic qualities of Yang.  Generating endurance, strength and expansion as we move with the radiant transformative solar energy of Yang.

Yang translates as the sunny side of the mountain….together, we shine the bright light of the morning on ourselves, our growth, through breath work, powerful movement and active partner work.

As flow to the peak of this fiery exploration, we journey to the seed of Yin within morning transforms into night…we finish the practice connecting to the restorative qualities of Yin.


YIN – Friday 12th April: 6.30pm-8.30pm

In this practice we journey to the shadow side of the mountain as we connect to the still receptiveness of Yin. Within this space, with this quietude, we nourish and cultivate the power generated through turning inward and nurturing. Through blissful breath work and gentle movement, together we connect to our inner world, our subtle bodies…clarifying and restoring.

As the night of Yin breaks, and the morning light breakthrough, we partner up for intimate connective partner exercises…bringing the Yang of expression into the gentle hold of Yin receptivity.


Both the yin and yang energies are equally important, and there is an art form to allowing them to coexist within you and to be expressed through you. Although yin and yang work wonders when they are kept in balance, misalignment of these energies can result in a sense of inner conflict and disease.

On the other hand, maintaining the yin-yang balance can result in extraordinary productivity and holistic health.

Luckily, there are many ways to attain or maintain this delicate balance.

The journey of Two Wings will enable you to cultivate balance within self, connection to others, and understanding of both YIN/YANG energy and the importance both roles play in our day-to-day lives.

All life is an expression of energy and this energy is thought to manifest in different concentrations in the mind, body and spirit.

Imbalances in one level of energy are thought to affect the other levels because energy is not static.

By balancing out these energies, helps to bring clarity, energy, healing and promotes …

* A healthy immune system.

• Inner peace

• Reduced anxiety

• A stronger sense of identity

• Whole brain thinking (effective blending of intuition and logic)

• Enhanced intuition

• Understanding regarding your higher life purpose

• Elevated creativity

• A profound sense of fulfillment and wholeness

These two workshop is suitable to all abilities of Yoga.

Both workshops compliment each other , but you will still receive endless benefits if you can only make it to one.


Art of Connection Yoga – The art of connection, connection to self, to nature, and to each other.  Connecting to our bodies and our minds. Connecting to our true nature with all its energy, rediscovering buried treasures and feeling the remembered and the new flow through us, between us.  These two workshop’s, shared by Nicole and Lauren, is an invitation to journey through your layers… awakening greater connection to self, through partner exercises, cultivating a greater connection to trust, internal energies, support, movement, breathe, intimacy and play with others.

Nicole Cargakis 

Nicole Cargakis brings to all she shares her artful and infectious love of journeying into the layers of the body and the mind.  Through story telling, movement, enquiry, play and connection, Nicole weaves together offerings with wisdom, truth and love at heart. Instagram @nica.b_

Lauren Cuthbert 

Lauren Cuthbert infuses everything she does with an easeful joyous energy and a whole hearted devotion to inner and outer connection. Lauren brings to her teaching a depth that traverses from strength to deep vulnerability, sincerity to playfulness and alignment to freedom

Instagram @lovefrom.lauren

The blend of these two yogi’s, the ying and yang within both souls, combine to create an extremely dynamic, knowledgable duo that look forward to connecting with you.

This is a highly participative informal presentation involving group brainstorming and Q & A throughout the themes discussed.

The WORLD is our home! Let us come together to understand the 21st century challenges and potential solutions for the planet as a whole.

This evening will include a 30-45 minute presentation, followed by an open Q&A session.

This presentation includes short meditation, demonstration of a factual powerpoint screening, many questions about what people understand from specific earth related concepts, and respectful conversational exchange of viewpoints to help comprehend different perspectives.

The presentation also finishes on a focus about addictions and mindfulness.

This discussion will stimulate positive feelings of wanting to be involved, to contribute to the direction towards which humanity is aiming, with lots of space allowed for expression and an immersion into what each of these realities represents.

No preferences are pushed towards people.

The goal is to allow for each individual to reflect on their own values and beliefs and for the discussion to consider other people’s views with respect.

The concepts/themes are:

Earth System

Planetary Boundaries


Third Industrial Revolution



Artificial Intelligence and Immortality

Transition Towns

Universal Basic Income

Drawdown Project

Ecomodernist Manifesto

Earth Laws & Bioregions

6th Mass extinction


Circular Economy

Terraforming Mars

IPCC report


This presentation creates a starting point to have conscious discussions; to embody a way of living that corresponds to their preferred future; and to understand the diversity of options existing.

The themes discussed will increase education for adults about subjects that are not told in the media or discussed in most social environments.

For most people, this event will increase the scope of awareness and paths available for the future of humanity, as well as spark a feeling of awakening.


Before this event you may have felt confused, overwhelmed, out of control over Environmental situations.

After this presentation/discussion – some will feel empowered to act and to engage in conversation about where we can head next..

Some will feel a feeling of surrendering to the present and to the planetary realities..

Some will feel like we have broken the loneliness of feeling like we are alone struggling with not knowing what is ahead of us, by understanding that many people are thinking about it and getting practical..

Some will feel a sense of urgency, based on some strong factual observations, but also an increasing desire to seek more information for themselves and to act.

“I am unfortunately not solving the issues for the audience, but by offering a broad scope of visions, I believe that defining an idea of where to head towards, a sort of goal, (personal to each person) can help overcome feelings of confusion.

Overcoming such paralysing feeling can lead to a better capacity to embody the paradigm wished for, alongside with building up an open-minded attitude towards other people’s decisions, avoiding the divide.” – Mahi

Mahi is passionate about planetary events and cycles, about paradigm shifts and highly curious about cultural blindness.

Mahi is passionate about the beauty and complexity of nature as a whole, and about everything being interconnected.

WHO is this Presentation/Q&A suited to, and HOW will you benefit?

This event is amazing for anyone who is interested to know more, discuss, be a part of and reflect about where humanity is heading towards, according to world experts and concepts already implemented in their initial stages.

This presentation will either bring new concepts/themes to your attention, or if nothing is new – it will allow you to understand what other people feel about each of these concepts.

Come alone, with a friend or with family!

This conversation is highly inclusive of anyone’s perspective, as long as it also allows others to have their opinions and preferences.

** It would be preferable for young kids not directly interested in such dense content not to be involved in this presentation. However, if interested in listening to the reality of the future and/or to contribute, kids over 8 years old are more than welcome.

Increasing awareness of what the future might hold can allow anyone to better prepare for what they see happening. It can motivate a desire to learn new skills, prepare mentally or make decision for their family education or personal priorities.

* Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought

…you had the capacity to choose in which direction the world could go?

* Do you have negative feelings about the next 30 years? Let’s see what experts say, and find HOPE and FAITH in discussions where we can dive into tangible solutions!

Have the confidence to live the life you want

Being Spacious 

May we embody the vitality and harmony that arises when we bring spaciousness into our life. This workshop is an encouragement to step away from the stress and noise we put on our bodies and mind by being in a continual state of doing. This is an invitation to reinvent our day, to offer more space and allow our wings to expand out into new frontiers.
What we will cover:
Movement-based therapy around the Shoulder girdle
Partner yoga to invite a newfound buoyancy
Traditional – energetic and structural based bodywork
Self-inquiry to notice patterns that we need to dissolve
Zenthai shiatsu was created by Gwyn Williams over 15 years ago, as a fusion of Zen shiatsu, Thai massage and osteopathic technique. The sacredness of touch continues to be his inspiration and the evolution never ceases. Openness, inclusiveness and non-resistance is at the core. The doorway is always welcome towards movement forms that bring us away from division and back home to unity and ultimately true freedom. Gwyn Williams work can be explored through his books: ‘The Zen of touch’ and ‘Connection to Source’
Visit or the Zenthai healing centres in Australia (Sunny Coast, QLD) or Indonesia (Shanti Agung Retreat Centre, Bali).